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Comments From Our Students

Many students have benefitted from CMH Tutoring and have proudly shared their success stories below. Scroll below to learn about how we’ve helped students surpass their academic goals with ease.


Debbie Pica

My son has been tutored for over 5 years, and Mr. Hernandez has done wonders with him. He has some learning issues, but Mr. H. makes sure he completely compends everything before moving on. He reviews as needed to be sure that he remembers. He also makes sure my son takes responsibility for himself. (he is a teenager). My son said math was his favorite subject, as opposed to his worst before he started with the tutor. My daughter was also tutored in the past, as she struggled in math. She is in her final year of college now, and did well in her required math classes. I highly recommend CMH Tutoring.


Julie Bretado

One of the best education decisions we made for my son. Tutoring was individualized to meet his needs and address areas where he needed the most help. It was beyond homework help. Missing skills were tought and built on so he could be successful in years to come.


Kim Lawson

I highly recommend Christipher Hernandez at CMH tutoring to help prepare your student for the ACT college admissions test. I was extremely impressed with his individualized approach to creating a learning plan that met the needs of our student. He had such a good relationship with Olivia. He really took the time to get to know our daughter. Because of the relationship, she wanted to get the work done that he assigned. He held her accountable and gave clear instructions of what he expected to be completed before her next appointment. His communication with both Olivia and I was great. We had to meet virtually several occasions and he was highly responsive when Olivia reached out to make those arrangements. Our only regret is not starting sooner. Olivia was able to raise her ACT several points! Thank you CMH tutoring.

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