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Who We Are

Since 2002, our mission has been to help you reach your highest potential by pairing you with an experienced and qualified tutor to help you build a solid academic foundation, identify gaps in knowledge, and help you achieve your academic goals.

CMH Tutoring provides one-on-one tutoring services for all ages and needs: grade school, middle school, high school, post secondary, and non traditional students who wish to improve their skills. We specialize in teaching and assisting in math and science subjects and all areas of the ACT, but we also help students work on building organizational habits, learning accountability, and working in English, reading, and science. We like to think of ourselves as academic coaches, mentoring each student of any age that comes through our door. There are other areas we assist in as well, so please contact us and we would love to help you achieve your goals for yourself and/or for your children.


Effective & Professional

The team at CMH Tutoring is composed of qualified educators who work together and independently to help each student overcome their academic challenges and boost understanding of the material at hand.



Owner and Professional Tutor

With over 25 years of tutoring experience in Salina, Christopher is equipped to help identify a student's learning gaps and develop a personalized plan to help the student catch up on these skills as well as get ahead in their academics.  Christopher tutors all levels of math, science, organization and time-management, reading, English/grammar, and ACT prep.



Professional Tutor

Brian has several years of experience in tutoring and has been with CMH Tutoring since 2017.  Brian specializes in math, science, and ACT Prep, as well as other subject areas.

Image by Kelly Sikkema


CMH Tutoring employs several other qualified tutors.  These tutors are equipped to help your student in math, English, and reading basics.

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